Instant Classic Pilot Jacket for Men

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Flylander Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Snow white combo, has been inspired ‘by the jungles animals and the chains of oppression, colours are of the British flag, the style also tips its hat to early Versace and Roberto cavali prints,’ pattern and style has been rejuvenated and reinvented once again for this Flylander AW17-18 collection, adopting a modern twist to the pilot jacket, with body featuring a minimalistic aesthetic. This Pilot jacket has been designed in London from lambs Napa and soft red white and blue poly blended jersey with 2% silky finish, printed with the iconic graphic. It features a wearable, relaxed statuesque silhouette with a Toscana and fox fur collar with featuring customs snaps to make collar removable, giving you plain vintage neckline, layered printed sleeves, elasticated cuffs, a zip down front, a tight waistband and two side slit pockets.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 91 cm


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