About us

The Man behind

24 years in the making

This Young label is the brainchild of Marcus Flylander Niles.

Not coming from a traditional background Marcus

Started customising his own clothing at 16 in the early 90s, he says “ I found very little clothing available for me, I’ve always loved luxury clothing in my era we grew up wearing designer labels, we even tapered our jeans, tailored our shirts, I started doing this from 14/15, we really felt good in our clothing then, however it was a expensive habit, and a side effect of this is you often found people in the same outfit as you, I had a big issue with this so I decided to alter and customise mine, it just grew from there.”

He soon became known for his stylish and flashy clothing which he then turned into a business I supplied discounted designer clothing to private customers, till I became partners in a small boutique in Tottenham till the recession hit, he explains “I always had a flare for sketching so started to sketch my own designs, but never took it seriously, till one day years later after trying various other businesses and the recession hitting small businesses hard.

I decided to go to study fashion and textiles at LCCA in 2013,”

Since then he has homed is art and has designed and created some of the most fashion forward and exclusive leather and fur jackets the uk/world has ever seen.

This designs mix of flashy, luxury with an urban edge. This stylish second look appeal makes this label perfect for celebrities for videos or red carpet events; this affirmation comes as Flylander has attracted an extensive celebrity clientele,

Has put pieces on the likes of: Little Kim,cast of made in chelsea,Us sensation Jeremiah,arguably biggest rap group in uk Krept & Konan, currently killing US Stefflon don, and Multi award winning artist Sean Paul for no lie video.

The brand prides itself on using only the finest exotic genuine materials, unauthodoxly mixed to create one off original ground breaking fashion forward aesthetics,with a message,